Weekending Monday 2nd July 2012

It’s Monday evening and another week has gone. I know what where but it’s probably down to socialising (again).

I’ve turned 60 for the fifth time and thanks to my lovely V I don’t feel the slightest bit older. Apart from a morning kip to go with the afternoon one I am just as active as I was at 59. The brain is as sharp as ever, in fact it’s improved since my primary school report, I’m now aware of my surroundings. Distractions still get the better of me but that could be the sign of being ready for a new career couldn’t it.

For any clever dickies studying the picture who think I’m only ten because of the candles, we’re on a budget. Besides, my asthma could return if I really had to blow out a candle for every year.

We’re still not out of cygnet season and here’s a piccy I’ve been trying to get since we arrived on the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal – “carry mummy, carry”.
carry mummy

Low point of the week was reversing into the Gloucester dock pontoon moorings during a gale. We lost paint and sand from the gunwales and the number of stripes below the gunwales would put a zebra to shame. I had two afternoon kips that day.

Jan came all the way from Bristol to see us on Sunday. V and Jan go back a long way, so far back that our earliest photo of them together has them wearing mini-skirts that would put hot pants to shame, I make that the 1860s at least.
We had a lovely time with Jan, the food was good, usually is when we get visitors, and the time flew past.

And today, Monday, we had bruv’ Colin and Christine with nephew Phil and Juliana. Pity it was damp but we did get a very short cruise in before the rain caught us. It was more of a burst than a cruise but it gives you the feel of the tiller and gives you a sense of what could happen (to a fibreglass cruiser) when it’s pushed instead of pulled.

Lots and lots of talking. Chris reckoned the men put the girls to shame with the verbal, which is a compliment because girls can keep several conversations going at the same time.

There’s several hours’ worth left to be said so another visit is in order.
the clan

Oh, just seen Clarence passing so we’ll be catching up on Derek and Sheila’s news tomorrow.

The entertainment secretary says we’ve a social fixed during the week and then I get a week off to varnish the floors and portholes before the next visitors.

And that is going to have to be that, we’re already into next week’s blog.
Age hasn’t dulled the memory because I have always forgotten things quickly, it’s my way of keeping the best grey cells to last.